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Chicken Piccata

I am a little tired tonight.. so after googling to confirm how to spell piccata, I settled on this. WordPress is still telling me that I spelled it wrong and it’s suggesting pizzicato. THAT is a word in their dictionary … Continue reading

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Alfredo – FTW!

Ordinarily, I like to start off with a brief description of my meal, talk about some of the things that went into it.. but really I think we should all take a moment to bask in the beauty of this … Continue reading

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So I decided to do an Italy inspired menu this week, but .. alas. Life has really gotten in the way. I was finally able to do something today, though. I am really excited about the way they turned out. … Continue reading

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Deep Fried Goodness – Take 2.

So.. my apartment now bears the unmistakable aroma of fried food. I am full and victorious. There were no more oil-related mishaps! I started off by mixing up some tempura batter, and dipping the mushrooms. They fried up really quickly. … Continue reading

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Deep fat failure.

So, in honor of the Giants winning the NFC Championship, it was my original plan to have a ‘bar food’ night.. Fry up some wings, do some battered mushroom caps.. greasy, terrible for you, delicious food. It was gonna be … Continue reading

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Roti de Porc aux Navets: Gag.

So tonight’s meal was roti de porc aux navets.. which translates to roasted pork and turnips.. I took a little artistic license with this one because it seemed like it would be a little bit bland. I added onions, carrots, … Continue reading

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Fondue de Poulet a la Creme

This dish kind of grew on me. I made it last night, and when my boyfriend got home I told him to not be too excited. It was OK, but not fabulous like the last two nights dishes have been. … Continue reading

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Carbonnades a la Flamande

Beer braised beef and onion stew over butter parsley egg noodles. It’s warm and hearty. So freaking tasty. Julia Child recipes typically give you enough to serve 6-8 depending. I try to cut down on those amounts since it’s just … Continue reading

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Cheese of the Goat.

So I have been trying my hand at making cheese for a bit now. Goat cheese is one of those things that tastes AMAZING when homemade, but ends up costing more than just buying the cheese.. to the point of … Continue reading

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Lately I’ve been noticing something that bothers me about cooking shows. Typically at the end of a recipe, they say.. and then add a pinch of salt and pepper.. ¬†And they sprinkle this ridiculously minute amount onto the food, like … Continue reading

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