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After a weekend of languishing on my couch and eating pretty much nothing but fast food, it’s official. I feel like crap. I went to the doctor after work today. I am now armed with cough syrup and a z-pack. … Continue reading

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Too Much Cheese: Part 2

Based on my previously documented plethora of cheese, I decided that the next meal delivery device could only be Macaroni and Cheese. I put the ricotta, the goat, and a little bit of cheddar in it. It was a strange … Continue reading

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Homemade Pizza: Uncharted Territory

Now that I’m rich in cheese, I’ve gotta do something to go through it. Per special request from Roy, I went the direct route with some pizza. Which was new for me. I’ve done the ‘buy the dough at the … Continue reading

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What are your 6 words?

Originally posted on Shambolic Living:
Do you remember Ernest Hemingway’s short, short story. For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn.? At the Smith Magazine Larry Smith used Hemingway’s story as inspiration and asked his readers to describe their lives in six…

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Chin-Ma-Ya of Little Tokyo

Tonight I just didn’t feel like cooking. Maybe it was spending the last couple days in the kitchen, the MASSIVE amount of dishes I did today as a result of my kitchen adventures.. but I just wasn’t in the mood. … Continue reading

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Since (wo)man can’t live on cheese alone…

I submit for your approval.. taco night. 🙂  I found a recipe for flour tortillas online a while back, but when I actually made them, they ended up being more like a chalupa. They rise a tad bit when fried. … Continue reading

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The chèvre is ready for its close up!

So, the goat cheese has chilled, and I seasoned it with some salt and pepper. It is *SO* good. It’s very creamy, almost like a thick yogurt. The powdered goat milk worked out great! It’s got a slightly more subtle … Continue reading

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More Homemade Cheese: Fresh Chèvre Edition

So part two of my cheese making binge last night was to start up some fresh chèvre (goat cheese) before I went to bed. I’ve made a much simpler recipe before.. even posted about it. This actually required me doing … Continue reading

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Homemade Whole Milk Ricotta: The Saga Continues..

So, I decided the cheese was drained enough. I salted and peppered it (as I typically don’t remember to do).. and then gave it a try. Keep in mind, I typically enjoy when combined with other foods. I’m not a … Continue reading

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Ricotta: Why did I not know this was so easy to make??

I’ve been living the high life lately, as a woman of leisure. Sadly, on the 27th this will all end as I go back to work. I figured a celebratory trip to the cheese making shop in Woodland Hills was … Continue reading

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