Cured Salmon: Home Edition

Tonight was the unveiling of the salmon and the preparation of my second batch of dried mushrooms. I have learned some truths.

1. I love cured salmon. I prepared made a carpaccio of sorts with lemon, capers, olive oil and some zest. I thought it was freaking fabulous.

2. The recipe I used was a little to heavy on the salt for Roy’s tastes.

(Sadly I have no illustrations for a boyfriend guzzling tea.)

3. My older cat does not like it, but my smaller cat will do acrobatic feats for cured salmon.

4. I will never buy dried mushrooms again.  They are stupid  and I hate them… Rather, they did not meet my lofty expectations. I think I will stick with the fresh ones. Reconstituting them is a pain in the ass.


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3 Responses to Cured Salmon: Home Edition

  1. Ryan says:

    This made me laugh and wake up my roommate, who was upset until I read him the bit about your cat.

    What, might I ask, was the problem with your mushrooms? They look so harmless. Chanterelles are the lost puppy of the culinary world: always delicious–I mean docile, pretty and easy to get along with so long as you give them enough water.

    • It was really cute. The whole time I was slicing it, she kept standing under my feet, crying. She puts on like we never feed her. She probably eats as well as we do though. It’s really difficult to resist that face.

      As for the mushrooms, I just nabbed a picture from the interwebs. I actually had dried porcini. I feel like they are just generally missing a depth of flavor when reconstituted. I (admittedly) probably overwatered the first batch (morels) that I snagged, but this one.. I feel like the mushrooms had flavor.. the broth I soaked it in had some flavor.. just very one dimensional. I far prefer the flavor of, let’s say.. any other fresh mushroom ever?

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