Way too Busy, Distressing News, Life Choices, Blar blar blar..

The Busy:

Since I started my current job, I’ve been slacking big-time with regards to my blog. I get home, whipped.. Lately, on my days off, all I want to do is nap and lay around. In short, I’m a lazy bastard now. This needs to change. I am going to be more vigilant about posting and reading my favorite blogs. It’ll be a bit easier now that school is done for this semester. *prance*

The Life Choice:

The past month or two I’ve been toying with the idea of going vegetarian for a bit. Not really because I dislike meat, or have issues with eating things that had a face.. Mostly just because I like vegetables quite a bit and it works out better for me, digestively speaking. I have been sort of remiss about pulling the trigger on it though..  Not really sure why. Perhaps it was the meat curing.. who knows?  

The Distressing:

ImageHOWEVER.. I have finally been utterly convinced by the recent case of mad cow in Central California. I know it’s only a milk cow, and that they’re saying it won’t spread.. and blah blah blah.. But if there was ever a sign that it’s time to change my eating habits, spastic twitching cows are probably it.

That being said, on tonight’s menu:  Grilled Portabello ‘Burgers’ with Sweet Potato Fries.



About The Confluent Kitchen

I am food obsessed. I love trying new recipes, putzing in the kitchen, making my own cheese and other random kitchen tom-foolery. Follow my exploits.. the good, the bad, and the burnt.
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14 Responses to Way too Busy, Distressing News, Life Choices, Blar blar blar..

  1. jinji says:

    Yay for veggies! I started my meat-less journey with the same type if reflection as you are having–less about animal rights or taste, more about digestion and health. It’s been wonderful, and the more people I speak to who are also veggies agree that they don’t miss the meat at all.
    If I might make a suggestion–start with baby steps. Eliminate certain meats little by little. Like first, maybe no pork. Then, maybe no beef and so forth. Personally, I never got past no fish 🙂 but other than that, it’s been great (and quite easy)! Plus, with your varied and expansive cooking repetoire, you will be just fine.
    Good luck!!

  2. Yay for sweet potato fries, I fancy some tonight now too! Although not sure I could do without the meat, mad cow disease withstanding!

  3. Danny says:

    Don’t work too hard! 🙂

  4. oooh I love sweet potato fries! And I do certain days of the week as no meat days- makes me feel like I have more options and makes the no meat days feel like a challenge of “what could I make today” instead of “what do I have to make today”

    • I agree. Sweet potato fries are pretty amazing. I’ve been doing soooo poorly on the whole ‘no-meat’ thing. By the time I get home from work, I’m whipped and tend to go for the easy thing instead of what’s good for me. I’ve really gotta try a bit harder.

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