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My newest adventure…

So I’ve been kind of hum-ho lately. All Conan the Barbarian after the slaughter, looking around.. thinking.. what now?  I’ve cured meat, made cheese, I am relatively sure I could follow just about any recipe.. What’s left? I could get … Continue reading

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Epic dinner… of.. epic-ness.

We’ve been working on clearing out the freezer. Imagine our surprise when we found some awesome whole foods porkchops buried amongst the rubble.  We paired this with some mushrooms in a marsala wine sauce and carrot souffle. We slathered the … Continue reading

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The Garden Update!

  My garden is coming along quite nicely. Pictured above are my awesome tomato plants. There are some baby green tomatoes just waiting to ripen up. I’m super excited about that! My spice garden (below) is doing pretty well with … Continue reading

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What I’ve been up to..

The last few days, though silent blog-wise, I’ve been very busy in the kitchen. Well mostly it was just Thursday. Roy volunteered my cheesecake making services to the people on his team in order ‘help motivate’ them. After I got … Continue reading

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Off the wagon before I’ve even gotten on it..

At the urging of my boyfriend, we had bacon mac and cheese tonight. But MICHELLE!!!  You said you were going vegetarian for a little while?!!!  *le sigh*  I have fallen off the wagon already.. which is awkward because I wasn’t … Continue reading

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