Grocery Store Dinner Planning

Last night I was a bit whipped when I left work, so I swung by the market to pick up some odds and ends for a quick dinner. I took some time peruse the meat case. Nothing really jumped out at me there, so I ambled over to the seafood case in a last ditch effort to find something that looked appealing.

There was some nice wild-caught salmon that looked pretty nice, so I grabbed that.  Now, I poached salmon last week.. so I was thinking to myself.. hmm. What ELSE can I do with it? Immediately, I think *CRISPY SALMON*

The peice of salmon I picked up was a little smaller than I wanted, so I figured I needed to amp up my side dishes. I wanted a little asparagus to go with it, but sadly there were 3 old, crusty bunches.. so I went to my second choice – broccoli.

With these 2 things decided, the carb was easy. I grabbed a box of fettucine nests, some cream, and a couple lemons. This combined with capers already in my possession from a prior shopping expedition made for a fantastic dinner..

which I dubbed Crispy Salmon with a Lemon Cream Caper Sauce!

I fried up my salmon, skin side down for super ultra awesome crispiness in some olive oil, seasoned with salt and pepper. While this cooked, I boiled my box of fettucine noodles until al dente. I strained the pasta out of the water, then added my broccoli to the already boiling water and resalted it generously.

Meanwhile the salmon was removed from the pan so I didn’t burn it, but it was lightly crispy (but still juicy and delicious on the inside due to some flipping. This left a bit of oil in the pan. I dumped out the oil, but left the bits. I dumped a pint of heavy cream into the pan with the juice of 2 lemons.. then stirred furiously so it didn’t curdle. Add a bit of salt and pepper and some capers.. and voila!

Crispy Salmon Deliciousness

Dinner was fabulous, and actually only took about 30 minutes or so… which left more time for loafing on the sofa. Yay me. 🙂


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I am food obsessed. I love trying new recipes, putzing in the kitchen, making my own cheese and other random kitchen tom-foolery. Follow my exploits.. the good, the bad, and the burnt.
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6 Responses to Grocery Store Dinner Planning

  1. tharisi says:

    I just posted a salmon dish you might enjoy 😉

    • Funny you should mention that. While I was walking in the grocery store I was thinking about salmon curry. I dismissed it for what you see in this post, but I believe I’ll have to revisit the idea! That looks pretty tasty!

  2. Ben says:

    I have a broccoli problem. It calls to me. My wife has a broccoli problem too, but it repulses her. I’m going to try this with haricots verts and pretend that I live in the best of all possible worlds because that looks amazeballs.

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