REJECTED: Poached Hake with Quinoa

I have been woefully remiss about updating my blog recently. For this, I humbly apologize. The past couple of weeks have been crazy.. (insert viable excuse for my laziness HERE)..

I decided it was time to get back into the kitchen, so I decided to tackle a lesser known fish, Hake. I’d never tried it before.. so I got the cheap-o flash frozen stuff. I feel like this may have played somewhat into the shitty shitty meal that was prepared.. but here’s how it all went down.

I pan fried a small piece so I could taste the flavor. What was it, you might be asking?  Well.. not a freaking THING. Hake could be likened to tilapia’s more boring, fleshier cousin. 

I decided the only course of action would be to batter it (which is messy and boring)..or to poach it in a liquid that has a LOT of flavor.

I miscalculated because a heavy miso ginger broth produced *ZERO* flavor.

I prepared some delicious quinoa though.. and it made me happy.


I do not like you, hake. You will not be invited back.


About The Confluent Kitchen

I am food obsessed. I love trying new recipes, putzing in the kitchen, making my own cheese and other random kitchen tom-foolery. Follow my exploits.. the good, the bad, and the burnt.
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6 Responses to REJECTED: Poached Hake with Quinoa

  1. myspork says:

    Cracking me up. Seriously.

    – Michelle F @

  2. Glad you enjoyed!

    It was truly one of the worst dinners I’ve ever made. I don’t know what experience you have with frozen fish.. but when it’s something that shouldn’t have been frozen it gets that watery spongy consistency.. Usually there’s some sort of flavor to mask it a little but this time.. it was *shudder* not good.

    I’d like to think that it would be OK had I used fresh fish and maybe used a better prep method but I have my doubts…….. :/

  3. Ben says:

    I had a great Hake at a restaurant once. It was poached in white wine with a poached egg on top. You have me wondering if I just like white wine and eggs. I’m trying to remember the fish. Can’t.

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