Confluent Kitchen: Thanksgiving Edition

Today is a day for giving thanks. What better way to do that than to consume copious amounts of food?

I went a little bit non-traditional and made a duck. I hadn’t ever cooked a whole duck, so I figured.. hey that would be fun!

It turned out amazingly!

For the rest of the meal, I went with somewhat traditional accompaniments. Stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy, and balsamic glazed brussel sprouts.

Sour dough, giblets, onions, mushrooms, watercress and celery.. Just add duck fat. ❤

I am trying to fight the ‘itis’ right now. I fear it a losing battle.

Cranberry Sauce – Orange Juice, Orange Zest, Sugar, Five Spice Powder, and Sugar.. Oh.. did I mention SUGAR?

Homemade cranberry sauce always requires much more sugar than you’d think. I must’ve dumped a TON in.. used some orange juice. After like a cup or so of sugar I found the balance I was looking for.

Sauteed in chicken stock, lightly fried in balsamic vinegar

I will be bringing the leftover sprouts for a post thanksgiving leftover potluck. There aren’t many left. For brussel sprouts they were freaking amazing.

There was really only one faux pas during the dinner prep. It stuck in the form of gravy. I deglazed the pan with some stock, then added a little milk to give it some creaminess… only.. IT WAS EGGNOG. Jesus crap. So I salted the shit out of it, and it wasn’t terrible.. but yeah, wouldn’t have been my first choice..

I totally put fucking egg nog in my gravy by accident. Fail-tastic.

Finally, I present to you the entire meal, eggnog gravy and all.. because a nap is calling my name..

Recipes for all forthcoming once I wake up from my nap!


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