Not to be a corporate shill, but you should totally..

..try the Nutribullet. Like any self-respecting American, I was up late watching infomercials not too long ago, when this juice extracting device caught my eye. It spoke to me on a few different levels.

Nutribullet with fruits and veg

Nutribullet (image borrowed from the rad folks at


1) I typically drink a lot of fizzy cola beverage, which is utterly devoid of any real nutritional value.. so it hit me in my guilt sector that I have all of these calories that I intake a day and I’m all like, ‘F U nutrition. I bet those starving kids in Africa wish they had a coke!!!’

2) My family’s health history has lots of things in it that I’d definitely like to NOT explore. Cancer, Diabetes, Hypertension.. the list goes on.

3) It’s much easier than juicing because you don’t have all that CRAP left over. Literally you put the whole thing in the cup and it comes out in a drinkable, foamy liquid consistency. All you have to do is rinse.

4) It’s a good way to make sure you get your daily servings of veg and fruit in.. if you’re into that whole pyramid thingy.

So this is day 3 of ‘juicing’ and I say it like that because it’s a little grainy.. but overall, still drinkable.

I am currently sipping on a green smoothie (making a so-so gesture with my hand about the smoothie part) that consists of spinach, chard, carrots, parsley, and apple. You’d think, EWWW.. Right?  But not so much, actually. I’ve gotten through a 16 oz. serving of it and it really doesn’t have much taste. I can do flavorless.. I can do tasty.. but I really can’t do aspartame, splenda diet crap.. The flavor is just disgusting to me.

I am, after 3 days, feeling a tad more energetic.. definitely better in the digestion department.. and also feeling tons less guilty about guzzling empty calories. I am actually thinking I might juice for 2 meals a day. I will have to research this further.

Nutribullet, I give you 3.5 out of 4 stars.

I leave you with a photo of my morning mix.. and before you say it looks gross (and it does).. you should know that it contains apple, pear, banana, carrot, and mango. Freaking delicious.

Breakfast Smoothie - Not the prettiest girl at the party but maybe one you'd take home to Mom?

Breakfast Smoothie – Not the prettiest girl at the party but maybe one you’d take home to Mom?

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6 Responses to Not to be a corporate shill, but you should totally..

  1. Ed says:

    That happens to me with strawberry mango or strawberry peach smoothies: tastes delicious, looks so incredibly gross!! My boyfriend has been wanting a blender system that is blend and go, so I’ll have to take a look.

    • It was $99 at Target. Normally I am not into hawking products, but I really really like it so far.

      I used a bunch of stuff that oxidizes, so it turned brown once I blended it. Totally yuck looking!

  2. Bravo! I bought mine a few months ago & use it daily for everything. Need fresh lemon juice in a recipe? Forget squeezing & worrying about pits. Peel it & blast it. More nutritious & you get so much more juice out of your lemons this way.

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