Nectarines in a Balsamic Glaze: Inspiration from Adversity

The other day I was getting ready for work.. packing up my lunch as per usual. I decided on a salad with cherry tomatoes, cheddar, greens, and a balsamic dressing. I threw a nectarine into the box for good measure, and out the door I went.

At lunch time, after a rather mundane day, I opened my lunch box to find that disaster had indeed befallen my salad. The lid popped off, dressing exploding everywhere.. including on my nectarine. I tried to clean everything up a bit and salvage lunch, but .. well there was really no saving it because the nectarine was a bit smashed and covered in salad dressing. The salad was kind of demolished, so I ate what I could of it, and settled on the nectarine.

Talk about serendipitous! It turns out that balsamic on an over ripened nectarine is actually REALLY FREAKING GOOD!

Thus inspiring my delicious dessert:

Roasted Nectarine with Balsamic Glaze

This is my magnificent finished product. I will give you two a moment alone, if you’d like…

Please click through for the amazing recipe.


About The Confluent Kitchen

I am food obsessed. I love trying new recipes, putzing in the kitchen, making my own cheese and other random kitchen tom-foolery. Follow my exploits.. the good, the bad, and the burnt.
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