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Palsaik Korean BBQ – Off the wagon for the day

I saw a review for this place on the Cooking Channel, and I had high hopes when I walked in the door. I was totally not disappointed either. Those of you who have been following my saga, I’ve been more … Continue reading

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Golden Road Brewery: A Unique Twist on a Tradition As Old As Time

I interviewed to be a writer for the, because.. hey, why not, right?  I did a review on Golden Road Brewery, a local artisan brewery. It’s really quite an awesome place. If you’re in the LA area, I would … Continue reading

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“Meatless” Meat: My Epiphany

Being a recent convert (re-convert, post-pre convert) to a mostly meatless life, I’ve been focused heavily on coming up with  veggie-centric meals this time. Past experience has shown that relying on quorn, boca, morningstar,tofu, or TSP for my entrees tends … Continue reading

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… a not so brief hiatus, Sauce Week: Day 5, and the coolest cake EVER

It’s been a while. I know. I was off to sunny (HUMID) Florida for some much needed family time. While there, I was able to show off some of my fancy-pants cooking skills and continue the Sauce Week tradition with … Continue reading

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Chin-Ma-Ya of Little Tokyo

Tonight I just didn’t feel like cooking. Maybe it was spending the last couple days in the kitchen, the MASSIVE amount of dishes I did today as a result of my kitchen adventures.. but I just wasn’t in the mood. … Continue reading

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Mixing it up a little bit here..

I didn’t do any real cooking yesterday. Crazy day, too much going on, blah blah blah.. Anyway. So I was in the valley for bit today, and decided to stop for a late lunch at Fab Hot Dogs in Reseda, … Continue reading

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