Rants and Rambles

I am a self appointed guardian of food-related cultural standards and values.. which is to say that I am a food snob. There.. I said it. I just am. I wasn’t always this way.. but as I mature, I find myself more pissed off by bad seasoning, poor preparation, idiots who claim to be experts, presliced vegetables from the produce section and other bullshit laziness.

Therefore since it’s my blog and I can do what I want :p… I decided it was prudent to have a rants and rambles section. Reader beware, there will likely be an above average amount of cursing and general bitchiness.

Enjoy!  (If you’re into that kinda thing.)

Table of Contents

  1. Seasoning
  2. Cooking Show Aficionado
  3. This type of laziness Offends Me



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