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Berbere and I do not mix.

The other weekend I ventured out to Silverlake (so much traffic!!) take a look around the local spice shop, The Spice Station. While inside, I wandered around, sniffing random jars of stuff.. wishing I could find something new that appealed … Continue reading

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Cured Salmon: Home Edition

Tonight was the unveiling of the salmon and the preparation of my second batch of dried mushrooms. I have learned some truths. 1. I love cured salmon. I prepared made a carpaccio of sorts with lemon, capers, olive oil and … Continue reading

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Back to the world of the living..

So, after 4 days of medication and many hours of sleep, I am once again feeling healthy enough to make food. It really couldn’t have happened soon enough because I was getting so very freaking sick of fast food. I … Continue reading

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