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Spicy Salmon Rice Bowl? Get in my face please.

The other day I was discussing with a friend, how much I freaking LOVE japanese food. Sushi and sashimi in particular. As we were discussing, I decided that a spicy salmon rice bowl existed in my very near future. Admittedly, … Continue reading

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Good Feelings, Deep Thoughts, and a Return to Basics.

While catching up on my semi-daily blog fix, I was ridiculously pleased to see that I was given the Beautiful Blogger Award (sort of?) from Labor of Wonder. In her post she switched things up a bit by mentioning her … Continue reading

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Ha ha, sushi. I win. :p

Well, blogosphere, it’s official. I win. I know you’ve all been following my epic kitchen battle with sushi since .. maybe 2 days ago when the fishmonger at my local supermarket led me astray with nasty salmon. *Cue Rocky theme … Continue reading

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Sushi Preparation – Challenge Accepted!

Sushi preparation?.. you may be asking yourself.. (or not, but whatever this is my story!) But you just got this bad ass molecular gastronomy kit last week. Are you bored with that already?!@ The answer, of course, is no. I … Continue reading

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A little romance, some cupcakes, and the douchiest conversation ever.

Now, typically I’m not into most holidays. Valentine’s Day is not really an exception.  I didn’t decorate.. I didn’t wear red.. My one homage to the day was the artful display of  cupcakes  below.   (prepare to have your mind … Continue reading


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