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Fresh Corn Salad with Cilantro Lime Dressing

As promised, I was able to get back into the kitchen today. I’ve had this sweet corn from the farmer’s market hanging out in the fridge for a little while now, I figured it was time to use or lose … Continue reading

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Deconstructed Snow Roll

As I wrap up the tail end of my first week back on the job, I am still dragging a bit. Last night I was faced with the epic feat of making two meals. The Confluent Boyfriend wanted Nanette Sauce … Continue reading

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In a 50/50 combination of channeling my desire for cooler weather through cuisine and taking advantage of this weekend’s local farmers market, I came up with a plethora of summer squash and other tasty vegetables. I decided, rather than the … Continue reading

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Not to be a corporate shill, but you should totally..

..try the Nutribullet. Like any self-respecting American, I was up late watching infomercials not too long ago, when this juice extracting device caught my eye. It spoke to me on a few different levels.   1) I typically drink a … Continue reading

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A Less Vicious Tale of Dinner Preparation: No Further Injuries To Report

My self-inflicted (’cause I’m uncoordinated) mandolin wound is healing nicely. I decided it was time to get back into the kitchen again, but this time with some less vicious kitchen gadgetry. I am pleased to report no further injuries!    … Continue reading

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Irreverent Bastardization of the Cheesesteak? Check.

Since Salad Week is over and college football season has begun, I decided to come out of the gate running with a bar food/street food classic. But I modified it.. because yeah. That’s kinda my thing. The Meat and Veggies: … Continue reading

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Someone really should have mentioned the side effects..

..  of making 5 lbs of bacon. I didn’t realize I would wanna eat it all pretty much immediately, but here I am, racking my brain for more bacon heavy recipes. Last night I made carbonara, which turned out pretty … Continue reading

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Chin-Ma-Ya of Little Tokyo

Tonight I just didn’t feel like cooking. Maybe it was spending the last couple days in the kitchen, the MASSIVE amount of dishes I did today as a result of my kitchen adventures.. but I just wasn’t in the mood. … Continue reading

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Homemade Whole Milk Ricotta: The Saga Continues..

So, I decided the cheese was drained enough. I salted and peppered it (as I typically don’t remember to do).. and then gave it a try. Keep in mind, I typically enjoy when combined with other foods. I’m not a … Continue reading

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Ricotta: Why did I not know this was so easy to make??

I’ve been living the high life lately, as a woman of leisure. Sadly, on the 27th this will all end as I go back to work. I figured a celebratory trip to the cheese making shop in Woodland Hills was … Continue reading

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