Homemade Cheeses

Whole Milk Ricotta


5 pints (10 cups whole milk)

3 tbsp white vinegar

Cheese Salt (though I’ve used kosher without any earth destroying paradox)


1 Large sauce pot or pan.

1 colander

butter muslin

1 thermometer (preferrably a candy thermometer because you have to get temps up to 200 degrees)

The Process:

  1. Pour milk into pan, turn heat on medium. Don’t wanna turn it too high or the bottom of the milk will be scalded. No bueno.
  2. Check temp often, until it reaches 200 degrees. If it boils for a minute, it won’t be life ending.
  3. Add vinegar. Stir for a moment to incorporate.
  4. Put a lid on this and walk away. No peeking!
  5. Once 15 minutes have elapsed, there should be some creamy sludge on top of your kind of clearish skim milk stuff.
  6. Pour this gently into a collander you have lined with butter muslin, a pillow case, or your large tight woven cloth.
  7. Pull up the corners, tie them together. Hang them on something to drip dry. You may wanna keep the whey for something.
  8. Let this drain for at least an hour. Once about an hour has passed, you can twist the knot of the cheese cloth a bit to release excess water if it’s not drained.
  9. It should feel like a solid mass, or close to it, at this point. You can continue to dry it for a little bit longer if you like a drier ricotta.. I don’t really have the patience for this.
  10. Place remaining curds into a bowl. Salt them.  Maybe 1/4 tbsp.

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