Finishing Salts: That Thing I Wanted but Didn’t Know I Wanted

One of the real joys of receiving gifts for me is really the thought that someone puts into the idea. It’s not so much even the STUFF, but that someone thought of me enough to buy a gift with my likes and dislikes in mind.

That being said, every so often I get something really freaking great. There was no asking, “What would you like? Is this OK?” .. just a jump out on a limb, and a purchase. Someone thinking they know me enough to get me a good gift, and then being totally right about it.

Mr. Freeman, talking about you. *tip of the hat*

Imagine my surprise when I opened up a box of finishing salts. Admittedly, I’d never messed with them at all. Didn’t really think I wanted to. I opened them up and thought, “ooh.  a new toy!” .. I started to taste each one (6 in the set) in turn and realized that I know jack shit about salt. I figured with very few exceptions, salt is salt is salt. I like my kosher salt, and everything else go to hell.


Each of the salts had its own unique flavor.

Check out my article on how these salts can be utilized or get the highly abbreviated version below:


Fleur de sel

Fleur de sel. It’s airy, and has the barest hint of the ocean.

Kauai Guava Smoked Sea Salt

It’s rich smoky flavor goes well on grilled foods, soups and stews.

Maldon Sea Salt

Maldon sea salt is texturally interesting because it’s flaky. It’s great to crumble up, or leave whole to dissolve on the tongue. It’s a good everyday alternative to Kosher.

Molokai Red

Molokai Red contains alaea clay, which is rich in nutrients and minerals.. getting a little mineral with your mineral is not a bad deal. Great on meats and fish!

Sel Gris Noirmoutier

Sel Gris Noirmoutier is my favorite of the bunch so far. It’s got a rich, briny flavor and smells of ocean when you open the tin. Had it on the salmon last night. YUMMMM!

Turkish Black Pyramid

With a name like that, it doesn’t seem like it should only be a salt. It’s mixed with activated charcoal for a slight smoky, extremely salty flavor. It’s pyramid shaped which means it adds an interesting textural element.


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