Salad Week – Day 6: Cobb Salad of Laziness

Cobb salad is a classic for a reason.


Last night’s salad was probably the easiest so far.. shred some cheddar, chop some lettuce, tomato, and mushroom. Combine with some ranch dressing and some premade chicken tenders. Add cooked, chopped bacon.. and voila.

It only took about 10 minutes to throw together, so this was really the perfect ‘I just got off work and I want to have dinner at home but nothing I have to really cook’ type dish.

The final installment of Salad Week.. coming soon!

About The Confluent Kitchen

I am food obsessed. I love trying new recipes, putzing in the kitchen, making my own cheese and other random kitchen tom-foolery. Follow my exploits.. the good, the bad, and the burnt.
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8 Responses to Salad Week – Day 6: Cobb Salad of Laziness

  1. Paul Wynn says:

    By any means cobb salad cant be that lazy.. ceasar yes! If that’s laziness I can only imagine when you’re on your game

    • My version of laziness is using pre-made products I could’ve done at home. So, I could’ve done the chicken strips at home.. could’ve done the dressing.. Not huge offenses, but still.

      My general ‘thing’ is making as much from scratch as I can.. bacon, pasta, cheese.. whatever I can manage at home. At least that way, you know what you’re getting.

      Thanks for stopping by! đŸ˜€

  2. YUM Cobb salad! I order it every time I’m in the States! So tasty. I should definitely make some myself sometime as it might be a while until I’m in the States again..!

  3. If it tastes good, it’s ok if it’s a quick dish, that’s a good thing! xo,

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